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Project Description
I love to see video on my favorite channel,and I want to download videos on this channel to watch later.
So I made this app.
How it works?

- Add your favorite channel to database
- App will scan database and find all videos of these channel
- Download videos ( or audio - this is optional) to your disk
- Update to database that video is downloaded,next time app won't start downloading again.

Thats all,I had a server and I put this app to it.After few days,I came to get all videos to storage disk and bring this to my laptop.
Why do we have to use database ? I just dont want this app to re-download videos that's downloaded,so I need a database to storage information of videos.
I use SQLCE 3.5 so it doesn't need a server.
If you have any idea that could improve this app,feel free to send email to me : or comment here.

By the way,I use some project on Codeplex to do this application.So if you see something similar in this source code,don't be surprise!

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